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Easy Beaded Barrette Tutorial Uses Beading Wire and Crimp Beads

It's scorching where I am with temperatures at the 30 degree C mark!  So those with long hair are surely gathering up their tresses to beat the heat.  This fantastic easy beaded barette tutorial is by Aleshia of Beadifulnights on Youtube.  The barette is quick to make and can be customized with any colors you like!

While the tutorial makes use of the two needle RAW (right angle weaving) technique, it is done with beading wire.  In fact, Aleshia cautions against using anything else.  The stiffness of the beading wire is essential for this to work.

I also like how she very neatly deals with the ends of the beading wire at the end.  She also manages to tuck in the crimp beads out of the way.  The tip with a toe nail clipper for stabilizing the barette is clever!!

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  1. 30C?!! Wowza!! We are sitting at all of 19C at present....sigh...

    This tutorial was wonderful! And yes - her use of the nail clippers was inspirational!! A very well done tute....and I could see how doing it in steps might make a difference - you might want to leave some beads out or go on and add more....

    After making barrettes earlier in the year this - almost - makes me want to learn how to bead weave. :0)

    1. Who knows, you may become a beader yet!! Actually this one is really easy as the beads are large and RAW is fun to do.


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