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How to Use Hardware Hinges for a Polymer Clay Bracelet

You know how I trawl the internet looking for innovative jewelry making ideas to inspire us.  Occasionally I come across absolute gems using unusual components  like this tutorial by the Domestic Diva Online. Gloria Uhler shows how you can use small hardware hinges for a polymer clay bracelet. The lovely articulated bracelet is finished with a tab clasp.

The clay pieces are laid on the hinge brackets. I like how she covered up the hinge holes at the back with round polymer clay pieces.  The alternative way as she mentioned at the end is to insert the hinge brackets into thicker pieces of clay.

There are also other tips for beginner polymer clay artists like how to use plastic wrap to get smooth cuts.

Also consider using resin clay for this project.  No baking needed!

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  1. That's a fantastic design!!

    I'm playing with my polymer clay quite a bit these days and I think I'll go out and get some hinges and give this a go.

    Thanks so much for finding this Pearl!!

  2. Very clever idea. I've seen some cute, minature hinges in the doll house section of hobby and craft stores that would look fantastic in this type of bracelet design. Now I just need to take up polymer clay sculpting. :D


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