Paul Keppel is a UK wedding photographer who recently shared how he takes beautiful  jewelry photographs using just an inexpensive LED light. He calls it the Keppelling Wedding Ring Method. Getting good lighting is difficult especially as he has to shoot on location.

He demonstrates his technique in his video and explains how he came by his method.  One day, while he was trying to take a photograph of wedding rings on a piano, awkwardly holding his camera with one hand and his LED light in the other when he came up with the idea of using the light as a miniature lighted tent!

The inexpensive light, the  Yongnuo YN-160 LED Light (for cameras and camcorders) costs just $52 on Amazon. Instead of using it in its usual orientation, Paul places the light so it rests on two of the flaps.

He says you can just about use any surface including reflective ones.  Some of the more unusual surfaces he has had to use includes the top of stoves and even stainless steel garbage cans!

As you can see, the results he gets are simply fabulous. While the photographs feature wedding jewelry, Paul's method can be applied for other types of jewelry.  It also helps to know how to use your camera properly in the first place!

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