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Easy Pretty Beaded Earrings You've Got to Make!

Beaded earrings are quick to make and the results are elegant.  So even if you aren't a beading expert, these easy pretty beaded earrings are worth trying.  They aren't full of tiny seed beads, honest!  These are all from Crafty Inspiration by Linda. Linda Genaw, as you can see from her tutorials and add-ons, has great taste!  One of my favorites is her Peyote Fan Earrings tutorial below.   She has some beautiful examples using different colors.

Linda shares her tips on how to make the earrings like which type of thread is better and explains the changes she made to make them better.

By the way, Linda clearly states she does not mind if you sell the creations you make but please do credit her own tutorials.  She also has a $1 donate button on her blog.

Her Elinor earrings tutorial (shown below) also has a matching bracelet pattern.

Her Flora earrings tutorial was inspired by several designs she saw on Pinterest. It led her on a merry hunt for a pattern and the creator but she had no success.  That's because the pattern is actually just a variation of a traditional beaded daisy chain - she does link up to a couple of great examples.  I like how the chain is made into a ring.  The choice of beads is what makes this pair shine!

The next two designs are not tutorials -  they are adaptations to existing free tutorials which Linda cites and links to. You will need to see the original tutorials first before reading what she did differently.

The easy pair below is a vision in rondelles and 15/0 beads.  I really liked how she changed the bead sizes of the earrings below to close up the spaces of the much larger pair originally designed and demonstrated by Nunzia Scalpore on Youtube.  As you can see from her post, the drops are optional.

Her Arula earrings adaptation is also clever.   The original tutoral over on  the Mézesmama Gyöngyei blog used rulla beads but she wanted to use either druks or pearls.  The drops are also optional.

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  1. This style is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous designs...

    At one time I bought the beads and the needles and some thread - then I found metal and those ideas just went by the wayside....

  3. Beautiful! And so many possibilities! I believe, we all are grateful to the artists, who share their expertise!

  4. Wonderful tutorials Pearl, and beautiful earrings. Thank you for the links. Plus I didn't have to wonder what a " Propletaem mosaic braided row" was. :D
    Oh, and a dollar donation for each pattern is very affordable, especially in comparison to what beaded patterns sell for on etsy.

  5. Linda's work is so fabulous. I love how she tries designs in numerous colours!

  6. Pearl, Linda’s patterns were used to make some of the items I added to the Photo Shoot pieces I sent to Ash for the pictures. Her patterns are awesome and easy. Very beautiful done up. I love her site! Thanks for featuring her. Btw...are you planning a class for picture taking and camera use any time in the near future? I would love to know and see if I can sign up for one. Thank you much! Carla


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