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Stunning Statement Beaded Jewelry by Guzialia Reed

Guzialia Reed is an astonishing designer whose stunning beaded jewelry have won her numerous prizes in both the US and in Japan where she is now living with her family.  Her designs are striking in both color and form and are nearly all one of a kind.

Her favorite materials are Japanese seed beads, Swarovski crystals and gemstones.  Nothing but the best for this designer! A self-confessed perfectionist,  Guzialia strives to get everything right to make her designs memorable.

What also struck me about Guzialia is her willingness to work with various photographers, models and stylists for many fashion shoots for magazines. Her website shows some fascinating ones she has been involved in.  She also models her own jewelry (see sideways picture below)!  Very inspiring!

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  1. Wow these are serious "must lust" pieces

  2. I was blown away by Guzialia's work!

    I like how Divya has said it - 'must lust pieces'.

    I can imagine these pieces are in demand. They are absolutely stunning and her attention to detail is incredible!

    I also like the way she photographed them. Nothing like a beautiful model to really bring out how gorgeous the work is!

  3. Oh my, those are amazing! I can only imagine the number of hours that goes into each piece. Thank you, Pearl.

  4. Way too elaborate for me. I can see these pieces in a photo shoot. Or some fancy ball.
    I create jewelry that can be worn daily by any girl or women. .
    I like to see less complex pieces.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I always admire people who create bold statement pieces!


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