Bookworms frequently misplace bookmarks. I know because I am one of those! If you have bookworms on your list this Christmas, then consider making them a set of geometric spiral wire bookmarks. They are very easy to make and customize to the individual. Pick the right charms for the recipient!

You will need :
  • 16 G dead soft wire, preferably coated  (I used fine silver coated silver wire, courtesy of Parawire)
  • charms (I used charms from the you too collection, courtesy of Tierracast)
  • flush cutter
  • chain nose or medium bail forming pliers
  • broad nose pliers
  • nylon jawed pliers
  • nylon hammer or rubber mallet or pair of nylon masher blocks 
  • steel block

16 G wire looks best for this project. You could also use 18 G wire.  Work directly from the spool so you can make the bookmarks any size you want.  First flush cut the end of the wire.  

Square Spirals
Use the broad nose pliers and make a 90° bend about the width of the pliers. Tip : the pliers stay put, it is the hand manipulating the wire which does all the work.  Also place your thumb near the pliers when bending -  I had to remove my thumb out of the way to photograph this step.

Place the broad nose pliers after the bend and make another 90° bend.

Once the first square is formed,  the pliers should be placed so the next bend start the square spiral formation.

Keep going round the spiral, bending as you go along.  I preferred the spiral wire bookmarks around the 1 inch wide mark.  Trim the wire at the corner.

Then use the round nose pliers or bail forming pliers to "curl" the wire into a loop.  

Work harden the piece with some gentle blows with a nylon hammer or rubber mallet. An optional tool to consider is  Artistic Wire's 2-Piece Nylon Masher Block (from Amazon).  Placing a larger wire work design between the nylon blocks  helps prevent tool marks especially if you do not have the softer hammers.

Triangular spirals

These are made in the same manner except that a shallower angle is used instead of the 90° bend.

If the wire needs a bit of straightening, just squeeze on the wire along the miscreant length with the broad nose pliers.

Again, trim the wire at a corner and curl the end.

Round spirals

This is similar to making scrolls but with the wire spaced out.

Use the nylon jawed pliers to hold the design while using the non-dominant hand to manipulate the wire i.e. the pliers stay still during the process.

Once you've made the bookmark, just open up the loop and place a charm before closing it. 

My favorite is the triangular one as the "pointed" end makes it easy to slip the bookmark in place. 

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All final project photographs were taken on my iPhone 5 using the camera+ app and the Modahaus TS320 Tabletop Photostudio in natural light. If you have the Modahaus, try putting the black sheet behind the white to get that graduated grey effect. Tutorial photographs were taken with artificial lights in my windowless basement studio using the same phone camera, app and photostudio.

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