Perhaps you are not into making coin rings.  But this video is worth a look because Dave, aka as Fencekid shared an amazing video on how to make a coin ring in 2 minutes flat. He actually spent another 2 minutes just polishing the ring up!

What is so fascinating is how fast he could accomplish the task with the right tools.  I certainly drooled over the various tools he had in his studio.  It also pays to have tools neatly arranged so they can be accessed quickly. No wasting time trying to find things!

Isn't making coin jewelry illegal?  Depends on where you are.  I've covered this issue before.  It is okay to turn coins into jewelry in the US provided it is not passed off as money.  But in other countries like Canada and UK, current currency is a no-go but it is fine to use old money no longer in circulation.

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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