Polymer clay is an excellent material for jewelry especially if you love color and/or don't want heavy jewelry. This tutorial on how to make easy embossed polymer clay earrings comes from 2GoodClayMates. The designers behind this great DIY is reader Carolyn Good and her husband Dave.

This is a versatile design as you can use any stamp or texture plates to add the embossing.  Finishing details are also up to you.

If you aren't too bothered about the doming part, consider other shapes too.  Maybe emboss on both sides?  Put wire loops on opposite sides and you have the basics for bracelet links.  Tutorials like this just make my creative thoughts go into full throttle!

I can't wait to adapt this tutorial for resin clay!  The big difference is there is no need to bake it. Note that resin clay is heavier than polymer clay so make only small discs for earrings!  Otherwise make pendants.

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