We all ooh and aah over intricate wire jewelry designs.  But making simpler designs which wow is very hard to do.  One artisan who does this extremely well is Charliee, a Czech wire artist. If I had to pick one word to describe her style and work, it would be "fluid". Lovely hammered curves with just the right bends at the right places. She works with Osteofix surgical and dental steel to avoid all the issues with metal allergies and it also does not tarnish.

Some of her most outstanding designs are for coffee lovers!  Her photography using coffee beans and black leather do make her metallic designs pop!

Cat lovers will also adore her range of wire cat jewelry.

Let's not forget about the dogs either!

Charliee does make single giraffe earrings but the pendant is especially clever with the integrated heart.

She also has many angel designs.

Her minimalist wire work pieces look deceptively easy. But in reality, these require artistry and skill which can only come from her innate talent and vision as well as sheer practice. Charliee's prolific work (600+ items for sale) and sales in the Czech marketplace are inspiring (9600+).  She sells mainly to the Czech market but overseas buyers will need to contact her via her store.

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