Wire work is very, very popular. So much so last week's Parawire giveaway garnered a huge number of entries.  Many of the entrants said they used Parawire exclusively, some for several years.  They clearly have had a lot more experience with Parawire than I. So I have included some of the comments here to share with you.

The durable,non-tarnish property was very important to some, especially those who do Viking knit and wire crochet.  Omi Silver made an excellent point with her comment, "I use the silver plated non-tarnish wire for my crocheted necklaces with pearls. There is no safe way to clean tarnished sterling wire when pearls are involved."

The best test of the durability of Parawire came from Rikki who said, "I love Parawire and have used this for several years. I live on a boat and other wires have tarnished while Parawire does not.I work with both colored and the golds/silvers. When I weave, this is the wire to use, it is cost effective and looks beautiful."

There were some questions about the difference between Parawire and Artistic Wire.  I have used Artistic wire before. It is a great product too but prefer Parawire for the extra bright and shiny look especially with their fine silver plated silver wire.

Laura Frank stressed her preference, "I absolutely love Parawire. I used Artistic for awhile and the difference between the two is very noticeable. On top of that, Parawire ended up being more cost effective! It wraps so smoothly, yet it holds its shape impeccably well!"

Indeed a couple of other readers also pointed out  that  Parawire is available in much larger spools than with other brands.  People who use a lot of wire can really save.

The cause of the slight yellowish tinge I noticed in the photos could be the coating according to these readers. Magpiesmiscellany said, "I have seen the yellow too. I think it's how the plastic coating reacts to light over time. I left a spool on the porch this summer and it turned nearly gold! (Hint, bring your materials in every day no matter how much of a hassle it feels like!

Diana Challis confirmed this observation, " I sell my work on the street, and I noticed that a lot of exposure to harsh sunlight will eventually damage the wire coating, so it becomes yellowish. Sort of halfway between silver and gold."   If this is the case then I hope Parawire will develop better UV resistant coatings in the future.

There were nearly 300 entries in all. So the person who wins this giveaway is very lucky indeed given the stiff competition.  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator on random.org to pick the winner. The winning number belonged to Patience Pontious! Congratulations.

She actually asked on her comment "Is there ever such a thing as enough wire?". You know the answer to that right?  No. There is never enough wire.

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