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3 Awesome Spider Necklace Tutorials for Halloween

This post is so not for arachnophobes. But not to worry, this large bead and wire spider necklace need only come out for Halloween. The tutorial is by the folks over on Doodle Craft on Instructables. Not only is the beaded spider a spectacular focal but interestingly, it is dangled with chain from a beaded choker.

This wire on cord necklace design tutorial  is by japaya over on Craftster. I've not seen anyone use wire on a cord frame like this before.  Clever way to integrate the web into the design and add a little beaded spider too!

This gorgeous spider pendant was made essentially from wire. Flattened wire was used for the bezels.  The soldering tutorial is by Mrballeng over on Instructables. He actually made the "bead" from a granite disc he found.

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  1. I know people look at these and think 'who'd wear that?' - but surprisingly there are quite a few people who will!

    I made large spider brooches out of semi-precious gemstones and they sell very well. You just never know!

    1. That's good to know. I have seen people buying spider earrings too! I should make myself a pair. All for Halloween fun.

  2. Well mine weren't for Halloween. People are wearing more brooches again and these spiders are big and sparkly. I think the women are wearing them all the time!

    I also made a scorpion for a friend. Just as an ornament. I should find the pics I took of it and send it to you. It surprised me how well it turned out. I even filed a piece of metal to a very sharp point for the stinger!

    1. That's good to know people are wearing more brooches again, let alone spider ones!

      Would love to see the scorpion!


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