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How to Make a Beautiful Leather Bail for Polymer Clay Pendants

Making your own bails surely ups the ante on unique jewelry designs.  I usually make them from wire but I did have enormous fun designing a square knotted one for this tagua bead and button pendant a while ago. So you can imagine my delight when I came across this tutorial by Fabienne over on the Terra Deffa blog, a  simple but beautiful leather bail for polymer clay pendants.

how to make leather bail for polymer clay pendants

The designer makes lovely polymer clay pendants, sometimes with 3 holes so her custom and contemporary look leather bail method really works well.

The blog is in French without much relevant text. The  actual tutorial is a video in the post.  You may need to replay the video a few times to get how it is done.

Although the tutorial was written for polymer clay, you can still use this idea for say donut pendants, resin clay or even shrink plastic pendants where you can make multiple holes. Did I miss any other ideas out?

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  1. Oh boy - don't get me started....I can imagine all kinds of possibilities in all types of pendants - self-drilled rocks - beach glass - Friendly Plastic - even a wrapped stone if you don't do a bail on it and want a totally different look.

    The video shows how super easy this is and she even shows you wear to glue down the ends. One thing I couldn't figure out was the length of the leather - but a simple pre-test could help with that.

    Great tutorial!! Thanks to both of you!

    1. Yes pretesting with even a bit of yarn will help!

  2. Definitely a fantastic idea! Experimenting using shells..... Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Patricia B

  3. Where's the actual tutorial? I need this super badly :)

    1. Just click on the second red link in the post above - that will take you to the original tutorial.


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