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How to Make Vintage Chandelier Crystal Pendants

Do you like the look of chandelier crystals?  Some of the more flat back shapes are ideal for making Mod Podge pendants.  Check out this easy peasy tutorial by Mitzi Curi  over on FaveCrafts who uses vintage wallpaper at the back of most of her crystal pendants.

The designer also suggests alternatives to wallpaper including the Graphics Fairy for free vintage images. She prefers to use laser printers as she doesn't have to use sealants prior to applying the Mod Podge.

You might be lucky and be able to source the right shape in actual vintage chandelier crystals. However, it might be easier to just buy modern crystals!

Just so you know, chandelier crystals are best for pendants.  They are too heavy for earlobes.  A young girl refused to accept this in this true tale, "Looks Real Good, Hurts Real Bad".  I shared it here when I first encountered the occasionally hilarious site, (The Customer is) Not Always Right several years ago.

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  1. These are great aren't they!!

    The new crystals are far cheaper than the original ones. Those cost a pretty penny if you want to replace them on your chandelier.

    And of course I'd stay away from the ballchain....eurghhh!! :0)


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