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Poinsettias, despite their bad rap, are actually only mildly toxic to pets, No treatment is necessary unless the symptoms are severe. My poinsettia is usually placed high up away from pets and small children. But if you rather not have them around, use the french bead and wire technique to make a poinsettia! This mini poinsettia tutorial (update : video no longer available) is by Fen of Bead Flora Jewels whose gorgeous bouquets are amazing.  I wrote about her work before.

It is a small potted plant so the project will not take too long. It is at the beginner and intermediate levels. Fen has some technique reference guides. She also sells a kit for this project via her website.

The bead spinner is a useful tool for this technique.  You don't need any needles for this as the wire itself can be bent into a hook for picking up the beads quickly.  Check out Fen's tutorial on how she uses the bead spinner.  She also demonstrates the "scooping with the wire" method as well as how to transfer hanks of beads directly to the wire.

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  1. They are such a beautiful plant that making something like this would keep them around whenever you wanted one!


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