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Custom Photo ID Badge Reel Tutotrial

Having to wear ID badges is a necessity for some.  But it doesn't mean you have to put up with boring findings.  Reader LeAllyson Meyer of Plum Beadacious specializes in custom photo ID badge reel designs. She has generously shared on her blog the tutorial for creating them using graphics and glass cabochons.

The glass really makes the images pop!  While it is not a technically difficult tutorial, LeAllyson shared many worthwhile tips and resources to get great results.  Good quality glass cabochons are a must. Did you know that if you put inkjet printed images in the freezer for a few hours and let it dry overnight, it won't bleed with the glue?  I didn't.

She also says you can use the same technique for purse hangers/hooks and even needle holders.  I didn't know you could get such findings these days!

Custom Purse Hanger
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  1. The hubby has to swipe his photo id to get in and out of work. I showed him these and he said you'd have to make extras because they always break.
    That being said - it's a good way to get a repeat customer!

    1. I used to wear them too but mine did not break. I can see why they do as it is all too easy to pull on them in awkward angles.


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