Minnesota based bead artist, Jo Wood describes her work as "painting with beads". She said, "Beads are my "paint". Needle and thread are my "brushes"."  Her stunning bead, fiber and textile art is largely inspired by the beautiful scenery along the shores of Lake Superior and the nature trails of Northern Minnesota.

Jo has been using beads in her work for the last decade. She explains, "For me life is tactile and labor intensive ... like my beadwork. It is a patient art form. Choosing one bead at a time and stitching up to two hundred beads per square inch, it can take months to complete a piece."  The artist's attention to detail combined with a strong love of nature are key to her beautiful artwork.

 Her backgrounds range from felted wool to upcycled textiles. The beads are perfectly chosen and stitched to form trees, flowers, birds, insects and even the moon and reflections on the water. The result? Unique impressions of nature which project a real sense of peace and calm.

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