Kathy Halper is an American artist who has been painting for a long time.  But she made a switch to drawing not with paint but with embroidery threads.  One of her specialties is custom pet (and human) portraiture working from photos. The smaller works are pendants or brooches. She also does hoop art.  You can see her current collection on Artfire.

She explained, "I began making my hand embroidered necklaces recently during a period when I had limited time to work. For a long time I had been frustrated looking for a necklace that was just what I wanted. And what I wanted was a long necklace that wasn't so delicate that it would disappear and wasn't one of these "statement" necklaces that looked overwhelming. I had the idea for an embroidered necklace and when I looked around I didn't see anything that felt contemporary, so I started designing...."

Her artistic talent is evident in her work where she deftly captures her subjects in her embroidery art pieces.  Her work has been shown throughout the US in major galleries and exhibitions and has also been written about internationally.

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