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Great Idea! Stud Earrings Tutorial Adds Dangles at the Back!

I really like interchangeable earrings ideas.  I've covered this particular idea before (see first link below) but it is always good to be reminded again.   This stud earrings tutorial by Alyssa  (no longer available) over on Hello Whimsy, shows you how to add dangles at the back.  She shows off all the different dangles with the same pair of stud earrings.

It is achieved with jump rings through the butterfly backs.  Other types of backs will not work.

Some people may not be able to wear long earrings at work. So you can now wear the stud earrings as they are or change out the dangles as you please!

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  1. When I saw my first pair of earrings that were decorated behind the lobe I thought 'of course!'

    Why hasn't this always been the style? It's very intriguing when you notice that someone's earrings have more design behind the ear lobe. It makes you want to lean in closer to have a look....

    1. I wondered that too. I think we are often creatures of habit and do not venture to do something different. I love how different match ups can be made with all kinds of studs and dangles.


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