Bead embroidered statement necklace designs often take some planning especially if they are to be symmetrical.  But I came across this beautifully photographed tutorial by Russian bead artist  Kathlyn (Ekaterina Burykina) which is much more casual.  It is a lovely use of lots of irregular amber nuggets. Swarovski crystals were placed here and there.

It is best to choose nuggets that are on the flat side i.e. not too high.  I would also lightly outline the position of each nugget on the backing once one is satisfied with the placement. 

The tutorial is in Russian. So you will have to translate the page and accept that the translation will not be perfect.  

If you are on a computer, use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English".  If you are on a mobile device (iOS or Android), just download the Chrome app from Apple or Google Play. Once you put in the URL (link), the app will ask you if you want to translate the page. 

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