Mixing different techniques with the wire knit with a crochet hook one is the way to go if you wish to create unique designs of your own.  As I did with other wire techniques as shown in last week's fabulous Yoola Design giveaway.  So Barbara had the right idea when she said, "I have to revisit this technique, incorporate it into the wire-weaving."

I mentioned how I found it difficult to name her technique.  Perri explained that it is more accurately "knitted wire made with a crochet hook" because the finished work looks like knitting.   She said, "As a knitter and crocheter for over 50 years, with over two decades of that as a paid professional, I can tell you that it is the form of the fabric itself which determines what we should call it - not the tool we use."  She also pointed out that the latch hooks of knitting machines are really just fancy crochet hooks.

Carq235 observed the same thing with knitting machines. She said "Years ago when I was a knitting machine teacher/designer we would knit cording for many uses in garments. I had heard about using fine wire on knitting machines and never had any to try. This exquisite YooLa knitting looks just like the cording."  Yael herself often calls it the ISK technique.

Note the technique creates even stitches. But remember, you will need practice before you can pick up speed and uniformity.

BobW said "I'm learning Viking knit at the moment but would love to move on to this technique." Just so you know, one of the Yoola Design tool creates a Viking Knit like weave but in a totally different manner than from classic Viking Knit.

So who won this fabulous givewaway?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to pick the winner.  And she is Sally Rohrer!  Congratulations!

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