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Triple Wire Woven Diamond Earrings Tutorial

Beginner wire weavers will love this triple wire woven diamond earrings tutorial by watchmeflyy on Instructables.  It is easy because you get to practice wire weaving on just two lengths of wire which is then bent into a diamond shape.

She added 3 of these diamonds in a cascading fashion for each side of the earrings.  The corners of the diamond are softly curving as it is not possible to give them any sharpness.

Try using the wire woven lengths for other designs - maybe a corkscrew one?

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  1. Very cute!
    But I wouldn't say that it is not possible to give the corners any sharpness. :-) It may not be possible to do it the way it is described in the tutorial, but it is possible if the technique is tweaked just a bit.
    It wouldn't take the project out of the beginner range, either.
    Although all of the corners could be sharpened, you would probably want the sides to remain curved for the flowing look, but the bottom could be made sharper.

    Instead of working the weave in a straight line for the whole length, bend both base wires firmly in at least a 90 degree angle. This starts a sharp bend, but keeps the wires out of the way so that the weaving is easier. Now weave only to the halfway point.
    I like ending with two wraps around the outside base wire only - you can compress the work if needed to get it to match up.
    Bend both base wires into the final bottom angle shape. Work across the angle, matching the two remaining base wire wraps and continue on in pattern.
    Finish the diamond as instructed in the pattern. Voila! Sharp angles top and bottom. :-)

    1. Awesome tips, Perri! I think being able to make sharper angles your way will add to the design.


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