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Clever Bargello Spiral Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial

Isn't it wonderful when you can get your inspiration from a totally different medium?  Bargello needlepoint embroidery  probably originated in Florence, Italy or possibly Hungary.  The flame stitch pattern in different hues and shades has also been used in quilting. Why not jewelry making too? Hope Elkina of 123 Clay! has a clever bargello spiral polymer clay earrings tutorial you've got to see!

It's easy enough to make the canes and cut them into little wedges. The magic is how she puts together the spiral!  I also like how she embedded a crystal in the middle before firing.

The tutorial is not in English so I suggest you turn off the sound. The visual instructions should make sense to anyone who has some experience with polymer clay.

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  1. Wow!! Simply fabulous!

    I never would have figured out how to do this on my own. This is certainly going to test my patience level when I give it a try.

    I appreciated a look at her light bulb setup. Her polymer clay base to hold the bulb is a smart idea. Then it stands upright in the oven instead of on it's side with the possibility of the item sliding off - yes - that's happened to me....sigh...

    1. Yes indeed. I like how light bulb also gives a lovely convex shape to the rounds!!

  2. These are so pretty. But I don't think I have the patience for this. :(

  3. Not sure how many triangles she does before she places. Large porti. Of the pattern T the other end of the stack ? Any help on this

    1. Look at the design and count the triangles. I make it 24 - 25? But it could depend on the size of triangles cut. Not quite sure I understand your next question. Sometimes, the best way to understand is to actually try it out yourself!


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