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Clever Recycled Nespresso Cup Jewelry Tutorials

I do not drink coffee but almost wish I do whenever I come across colorful recycled nespresso cup jewelry. Naomi and Isabel of Switzerland are a pair of highly creative recycled jewelry artists behind Bijouxfaitalamain. They have shared several Youtube tutorials on how to create many different styles of nespresso cup jewelry. Here is a selection of some of my favorites staring with the  Nespresso Star Earrings.  Note that some of the tutorials are in French.  But the directions are clear enough to follow without knowing the language.

Nespresso Swarovski Flower Earrings

Nespresso Whirlwind Bloom Earrings

Two Triangle Nespresso Pendant Tutorials

Nespresso Flower Pendant Tutorial

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  1. It's amazing that once you get to know your medium - suddenly ideas start popping up all over the place and you can visualize how to get there from here... ;0)

  2. I may have mentioned it before but I'm always cautious about recycling. Recycling is good but it shouldn't be obvious, to my opinion. And this is exactly what I see here - except for the first picture, you can't tell it's Nespresso cups from the others and I love them!


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