Not everyone has ear piercings.  So ear cuffs are a great solution. There is another reason for ear cuffs. More elaborate designs can be created to sit along the outer ear.  This gorgeous coiled and woven wire ear cuff tutorial (Go Art Yourself) is an excellent example. It is by Nicole Hanna Jewelry.

The tutorial shows how an artisan works and plays with wire, designing on the go. She explained, "A tutorial... sort of.... I didn't plan this, but wanted to film an unplanned project so you can see how I work with some pitfalls and tangling wires, and uncooperative weaves, and even some wires breaking unexpectedly." 

And that is the fun and adventure of jewelry designing. One sometimes never knows where the design will lead to. Some of my best designs came after I deviated from original concepts. As you can see from Nicole's tutorial, it turned out beautifully in the end.

Another gorgeous coiled wire ear cuff tutorial is this ornate one by Gailavira Jewelry.

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