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Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry by Cosmogony

Russian based Katya Bo, the artisan behind Cosmogony, shows beyond doubt her talent and skill with polymer clay. Her outstanding art deco style for her polymer clay mixed media jewelry is eyecatching. Her work looks like metal clay pieces at first glance!

She is able to give her pieces a metallic look. The integration of gemstones, glass and minerals in the jewelry designs is also inspirational.

Hat tip to reader, Aims for this find.

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  1. I can't imagine how much work this would be - especially getting all those lines so straight.

    I think her art deco style is wonderful. Even researching it would be fun to do and then coming up with your own designs in the same style. Brilliant!

  2. Beautiful work! I can't believe it is polymer as it looks more enameled to me.


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