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SueKennedy over on Art Jewelry Elements shared this awesome beaded garden stake idea! She wrote about how she restrung some of her own glass beads (SueBeads) in a decorative garden stake which had lost its original corded beads. She used sturdy beading wire to string her beads which should be more durable than string or cord.

I do not have a garden stake like that.  But I reckon I could make my own using thick galvanized wire from the hardware store.  I would then wrap wire (preferably galvanized as well) around the top and include some spaced out wire loops. This is a great project for leftover beads!

Would you have a go at making your own?

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  1. Yup - I'd do that! I like to have bling everywhere. In my yard - in my house - on me....

  2. What a creative idea - would for sure try it!


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