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Chess Bargello Earrings Tutorial Uses Up Scrap Polymer Clay

Any tips on how to reuse scraps is always a good thing!  This simple but lovely chess bargello earrings tutorial shows to use up your scrap polymer clay.  It is by 123Clay!  The tutorial is not in English but there are English subtitles. It's so clearly taught you won't really need the translation.

The basic technique can be applied for all sorts of shapes and not just for earrings.

There is another reason why this tutorial made an impression on me. It's how the designer attaches the ear wires at the back.  A good tip which you can use for any polymer clay earrings as the ear wires are integrated into the design.

Another suggestion is not to use the short headpin in the center of the flowers.  But to drill out holes in the flower and discs after baking.  Use long 22G headpins and make all in one earrings.  This saves a lot of time as you do not have to rebake.  See my past tutorial for the basics -  How to Make All in One Headpin Earrings

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  1. Fantastic tutorial! I'm always searching for new techniques for polymer clay and this one is easy enough to do.

    Can you imagine this with different coloured backgrounds? Wheee!!

    I personally prefer to give my clay an hour's bake in total. The finished item is very hard after that. I sometimes even put my clay back in after I polish it and add a layer of Renaissance Wax to it. After 10 more minutes of baking it gives it a brilliant shine after buffing. And I do love shiny!

    1. Thanks so much for your great tips on baking and rebaking! Very useful to know.


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