Hawaiian metal artist Luana Coonen is remarkable for her "passion to use found objects and renewable materials."  Born and raised in that idyllic environment, she learned to really appreciate nature when she moved to the city - specifically the San Francisco Bay area to earn her BFA in jewelry and metalsmithing.  Her one of her kind designs reflects her commitment to be "socially responsible and minimizes impact to the earth." 

What makes her work stand out is not just the designs but the very materials she uses.  Nearly everything, including packaging, is either ethically or naturally sourced. Leaves, lichen and naturally shed snakeskin are found items.  The butterfly wings were from an antique collection.

Leaf Skeleton Earrings
Mindful of the fact gold and silver mining is harmful to the environment, she uses 100% recycled metals. She saves all her scraps and sends it for recycling.  She also offers custom work using fairmined gold.

My favorites were her earring designs.  She encases the natural material in recyclable "polycarbonate, a thin shatter resistant material, similar to what eye glasses are made from." The handmade riveted earring parts are distinctive. Also noteworthy are her anatomical heart designs.

Luana is a most inspiring eco designer who does make it her mission to always consider the sustainability in all she does.
Blue Morpho butterfly earrings

Snakeskin Earrings 

Lichen Earrings

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find!

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