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Clever Idea to Use Open Bezels, Silicone Molds and Resin

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the cleverest.  Becky Nunn's clever idea to use deep channel open bezels or open frames (available from Nunn Design)  directly in prepared silicone molds led to some pretty amazing resin pendants. There is nothing wrong with using just a silicone mold to make many resin pendants.  But as Becky points out, there is the effort of cleaning up the edges of the final resin piece. So placing the  bezel in the silicone mold itself avoids that task.

I also love how she uses mica powder in the mold itself to add more color to the design.

There are a couple of considerations.  You need to choose the right kind of subject for making molds. Becky chose a fossil shell which had a lovely spiral pattern which translated well with resin.  There is also the need to make sure the subject fits the bezel!

Check out the Art Beads video which demonstrates the process.

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  1. That is a fantastic tutorial!

    I think Becky Nunn is absolutely brilliant!! She comes up with the most amazing ideas and components - all for our benefit. That deep bezel is gorgeous isn't it?! And how she's used the silicone - it was a hand slapping forehead moment for me.

    If I ever met Becky Nunn I'm not sure what I would do ....hug her - or - get on my knees and bow at her feet. :0)

  2. Oh my GOSH Aims! I don't know if I'd bust up laughing or call 911 (the US Emergency phone number). You are over the moon kind! Thank you! The discovery of this technique was indeed a hand slap to the forehead moment. I walked into my husband's office after playing with this concept and while I was waiting for the resin to cure and said, "I think I just did something really amazing". It look everything I had not to push the resin prior to it being cured to see the end result. I'm not sure if someone else has already done something like this, but for me, this was my first experience with this technique. I love moments like those. I long to have the next breakthrough to share, but am alright if it doesn't happen (well, not really).

    1. It was a brilliant idea! Another reader on FB said so too! The rest of us are simply wondering why we never thought of it!

    2. Becky Nunn - you KNOW I'm a huge groupie of yours! :0)

      For some odd reason I'm not in the least bit surprised that you discovered this! (another huge grin)

      You are - always - blazing the trail for designing techniques AND components for the rest of us to use. Your generosity is simply overwhelming! There are so many people who would never share a fantastic idea like that! But not you. Nope - you design that gorgeous bezel and then come up with breath-taking ways to use it AND show us how!!

      Again - hugs and a bow!!

  3. Thank you for this idea, awesome


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