Sometimes the simplest solutions are the cleverest.  Becky Nunn's clever idea to use deep channel open bezels or open frames (available from Nunn Design)  directly in prepared silicone molds led to some pretty amazing resin pendants. There is nothing wrong with using just a silicone mold to make many resin pendants.  But as Becky points out, there is the effort of cleaning up the edges of the final resin piece. So placing the  bezel in the silicone mold itself avoids that task.

I also love how she uses mica powder in the mold itself to add more color to the design.

There are a couple of considerations.  You need to choose the right kind of subject for making molds. Becky chose a fossil shell which had a lovely spiral pattern which translated well with resin.  There is also the need to make sure the subject fits the bezel!

Check out the Art Beads video which demonstrates the process.

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