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How to Make Shrink Plastic Charms and Buttons

There are so many ways to make your own charms and buttons for jewelry making.  Did you ever consider shrink plastic (Shrinky Dinks is a well known brand)? You can easily do that.  Here are a couple of tutorials posted on Karen`s The Graphics Fairy. It is a fantastic resource for free vintage images (the majority are in the public domain).

Heather of the Thicketworks designed the charm bracelet, earrings and necklace in this tutorial using various images from The Graphics Fairy.  The basic tips on how to work with shrink plastic are covered. You can use a heat gun rather than a toaster oven.  Heather even prepared the PDFs so you do not have to figure out what the sizes need to be to shrink down to the right charm size.

Andrea from the Cottage Market wrote the tutorial for making shrink plastic buttons.  I love the scroll pattern she chose from The Graphic Fairy`s collection. The buttons can be used for all sorts of jewelry making projects (see the links below) or as actual custom buttons for sewing garments.

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  1. Shrinky Dinks is something I've never tried. The results are quite nice though in this project.

    You are absolutely right on the graphic image resource. They have an amazing quantity and quality of vintage images. Always something I'm looking for to use in transferring to polymer clay etc. It got a bookmark from me!


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