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Make Your Own Travel Felt Jewelry Pouches | Gift Bags

I've covered some nifty ways to travel with jewelry before. Ways in which keep them protected and organized. Here is one more which is simple yet stylish. The tutorial is by Lia Griffith. You don't even need a sewing machine for this one as it just requires blanket stitching.  But if you do have a machine with fancy stitches, then the job is a breeze. You could even consider using these as gift bags!

What caught my eye were the gold iron-on labels.  These are vinyl cut on a cutting machine like the Cricut. The designer also provided the pdf for printable inkjet iron-on if a cutting machine is unavailable.

Don't like felt?  Check out other options below!

Before You Go:

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  1. I usually use fabric drawstring bags or watch/tie boxes for travel but this seems like a great idea too

    1. The felt certainly adds to the cushioning and thus protection of jewelry better than just fabric.

  2. It is interesting that most people have special places to keep jewelry at home but not for traveling. The no-sew felt organizer is a good and easy idea :)

  3. Wouldn't these be lovely to use when you make a sale.

    For some of us that would be a lot of extra work. But a few days devoted to it would probably produce quite a stash... hmmmm...


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