I'm glad Jet Beads did another giveaway last week because there were many readers who had not heard of the service before. A number of you though, have already found Jet Beads to be very useful. Margaret said, "I've used Jet Beads the last several times I've needed something from Fire Mountain Gems. It has saved me a lot of money, and is surprisingly fast!"  Enchanting Accents made a good point : "This giveaway is a fantastic option for people like me to get a chance to try something new without having to make a commitment."  Please note you can also do a trial quote with Jet Beads to see how it works.

One Canadian misunderstood - she thought Jet Beads does not accept orders from Canada.  Jason replied, " I have always shipped to Canada. The only thing is that FMG has that $5 shipping to Canada that I can't compete with. Often my shipping cost to Canada eats up a lot of the savings. But, I always encourage non-US customers to submit an Order Request anyway just to see if it is worth it to order through me. If it is not then I let them know :)"  Good to know, Jason.

Aims who is a Canadian friend confirmed, "I've used Jet Beads and I know that Jason goes above and beyond 'customer service' to make people happy. Even shipping across the border has never been a problem - I've never been tagged for extra duty charges when purchasing through Jason."

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to pick a winner. And that winner is KayzKreationz!!  Congratulations!  The extra entries helped!
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