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Maybe it is the scientist still in me.  But experiments are the only way to determine what will work and what won't. So I really appreciate it when an artisan goes the extra mile to actually try different things. Check out Katherine of Resin Obsession's comparison of different resin jewelry glaze alternatives.

Sometimes the surface of cured resin pieces are less than satisfactory - slight cloudy or frosted instead of glossy clear. I usually just recoat the piece with another layer of freshly mixed resin.  But that is not just extra resin and time but I find I risk getting drips below the piece. Then that is definitely extra work to fix.

So this video methodically goes through some glaze alternatives - including car wax! I really like the resin spray alternative.  What do you think?

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  1. Interesting video. I use nailpolish clear coat, vintaj sealant or have tried another coat of resin but they all come with their own issues. I have heard of the car polish method but havent really tried it

    1. The resin spray is probably the best bet but it is difficult for me to get as there are shipping restrictions.

  2. Very interesting video. It's amazing how different products create different problems and different finishes.

    The spray resin is so attractive. It's easy and leaves a lovely result.

    I'm wondering if the Triple Thick and nail polish needs the piece slightly sanded and washed and wiped before applying. Hmmmm....

    As you know - haven't been able to get at any resin work with the crazy temps we have here. But I find it worth noting these ideas! Thanks to both of you!

    1. That is worth a thought - a light sand before a fresh application of resin or some other lacquer.


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