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Easy Embroidery Floss Woven Pendant Using a DIY Loom

I've always admired loom weaving.  But I would never embark on so large a project, not to mention getting and using a large loom either.  However, this little tutorial for a an easy embroidery floss woven pendant appeals.  It uses a simple DIY loom made from just cardboard. It is by Roxy Taghavian of Brit + Co.

The beads are a lovely touch to this simple technique.  You could always use cord or thread instead of the embroidery floss.

I've also seen small plastic looms designed for kids (not the Rainbow loom which is for rubber bands).  These might also work if you enjoy small scale weaving like this!

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  1. This is so cute. And it looks fairly easy. Thanks

  2. This is a great way to make a mat, Great share Pearl

  3. I like this. Sewing on the chain - perfect!
    I can imagine all kinds of different types of material to use. Right now I'm envisioning - thin strands of material with beads and tassels - wowza!

  4. Thinking of Endless Possibilities in Nags Head, thin strips of T-Shirts.


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