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How to Make Vintage Style Wire Cagework on Filigree Jewelry

Filigree stampings are very useful for jewelry making. They can be folded over focal beads or even beaded upon - see links below for further ideas.  But there is something else you can try and that is to do wire cagework on filigrees. The technique is great for creating vintage style jewelry pieces which will remind you of classic Miriam Haskell costume jewelry from decades ago.

Brenda Sue of BSueBoutiques who is really good at assemblage jewelry making shared a video tutorial on some aspects of how to wire components onto one side of a filigree.  Another filigree is later wired to the first as the backing.  As both filigrees are slightly domed, they do form a sort of cage. Brenda Sue avoids using glue with this technique.

This instructor has a delightful sense of humor and she is fun to watch. She demonstrates the critical step of how to neaten and tuck down all the wire ends at the back.  I also liked how she wired groups of beads onto small leaf stampings towards the end.

She is aware that her hands did get in the way sometimes. So the camera angle will be something that will be changed with future video tutorials on the subject.

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  1. I make a lot of assemblage pieces with wire and I often finish it off by twisting ends and spiraling them. Never really thought that it was the "right technique" until today. Glad to see Brenda do it too

    1. I believe there is not always a right or wrong way to do things. If it turns out wonderful, then all the better!!

  2. B'Sue has just a ton of videos on how to's and is extremely generous with her knowledge. I've watched and bookmarked so many of them.
    Her website is full of ideas and her store is full of goodies! She's a font of information for sure!!

    1. Yes, B'Sue does videos regularly and her insight (background in selling vintage pieces) is helpful.


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