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Ear suspenders created by Los Angeles based handmade jewelry designers Sara Smith and Mara Rothbart, of Smith+Mara have been trending among young celebrities like Gigi Hadid recently.  This simple style is novel as it is a cross between a stud earrings and an ear cuff!

The ear suspender is really a hooked bar which hangs from the anti-tragus (yes, there is a name for that part of the ear!). The lower part is basically like the post of stud earrings.  The ear suspender stays in place because of both.

The contemporary simplicity clearly appeals as do Smith+Mara's skimmers which are more commonly known as ear pins.  Shown below are more examples from Smith+Mara's Instagram. (If you cannot see the pictures, click here).

 A couple of fast moving Etsy artisans have already come up with their own wire versions.

What do you think?  Do you love the style?

A photo posted by SMITH + MARA (@smithandmara) on

A photo posted by SMITH + MARA (@smithandmara) on

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  1. its such a cute Idea - I'll try making one

  2. Anything that is a variation from the norm is great!

    I know lots of people like delicate simple earrings and these really hit the mark there.

    For me - I might have a tendency to make mine a bit stronger looking - more width - more bling(?) - perhaps a look that is very noticeable. You know me - I like to stand out as very different!

    Great idea though Pearl. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. You are so right - many people like itty bitty jewelry pieces! Perhaps some have to fit in with workplace dress codes?

  3. Yuck! It looks like a bling worm is crawling out the ear canal. Reminds me of the nose rings in the septum (the part between the two nostrils) that remind me of snot. I will pass on this trend, sorry.

  4. Frankly, I'm not impressed but, on the other hand, anything unusual is worth pursuing!


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