Getting ready for the fall craft shows?  Or maybe you are just super efficient and are already getting organized of the gift season ahead?  Then check out this nifty small necklace card tutorial by Katie over on The Crafty Blog Stalker.  She certainly thought out everything from cutting her own card to dealing with the long chain at the back.

It's a lovely way to present long chain necklaces.  I didn't know there was such a thing as an angled tag topper punch!   That means you can cut the cards to any length you want quickly.

She uses eyelets for the hanging hole but I think those paper eyelets for fixing torn holes of binder paper might work too!  The reason why she uses a ribbon is to tie the folded back of the card to the front. The necklace chain is hidden in between!

I like how she used a sentiment stamp for her gift necklaces. Consider a custom shop name stamp if you are a seller.

It is a lovely way to display and send off your jewelry in the mail. Check out my past post on How to Package and Ship Jewelry for some additional tips.

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