Aelia Petro is a Canadian artist who considers herself somewhat of a creative mixed bag. She said, "I dabble in many different types of art, ranging from pencil-and-paper drawing, to digital painting, and sculpting. I do a lot of animal portrait work (including digitally painted pet portraits, as well as detailed portraits of specific whales and dolphins)."

But what caught my eye were her fantasy creations - resin dragon jewelry!  She sells her animal, dragon and dinosaur skeleton jewelry in her Etsy store.  Her dragon jewelry include an unusually draped dragon necklace design shown below. The two pieces are joined with a chain at the back.  The dragons are also available as brooches, bracelets and hair ornaments.

Aelia sculpts the originals from polymer clay. She then casts resin versions which are then beautifully hand painted. Just the sort of jewelry for fantasy fans!

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