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Great Tip on How to Finish Loom Bracelets

Don't worry if you do not have the funds to purchase nifty new looms like the new one, Endless Loom (see post here), which saves you from having to deal with warp ends.  Tamara Allison, a reader and beaded jewelry designer, recently shared a great tip on how to finish loom bracelets on her site, the Vanishing Pearl. The traditional way of weaving all the thread ends in and out of beads was too tedious.  Go to her tutorial and she explains the basic tip in Step 2.

 If you check out her original post on this subject, you can see how she bent the work to expose the weft threads making it easy to insert the needle.

Tamara has also been experimenting with different ways of adding clasps.  She doesn't think much of her wire experiment but I think she is on to something.  Just needs some refinement!

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  1. Good morning Pearl! Thanks so much for sharing my work! Now I'm going to happy dance all day. :-)

  2. Having been a knitter for most of my life - I can see that finishing off this kind of beading is very similar to how you finish off knitting - just weave the ends back in and Bob's Your Uncle. As with everything there are always good tricks to learn to make it easier!!

    1. Aims, I've never knitted a thing in my life. Now I may have to try. Thanks for the info!


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