There are plenty of creative ways to make your own earrings display or organizer.  Less common are solutions for stud earrings.  You could use the rolls of fabric ring organizer idea. But it is not easy for tiny stud earrings to stay put.  So that's why I liked this tutorial for an easy stud earrings organizer using any available plastic sheet.

Pauline and Lynnee of Chica Club Circle got the idea from their mother who used quilter's template plastic.  But there are other cheaper sources of plastic sheet. They used the plastic cover of a report folder. You can also use a shrink plastic sheet. It's then just a simple matter of drawing a grid and punching holes.

I like this idea a lot as you can space out the holes as needed - small studs can be grouped closer together.

You could hang these up. But I would just size the sheets so they go into large zip lock bags to prevent tarnish. And keep them in a drawer.

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