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How to Make a Wire Woven Elf Ear Cuff Tutorial

I really am not that keen on those fake elf ear add-ons made from some rubbery material.  Why not create a piece of jewelry instead?  A piece that any fantasy fan would love to wear with or without a costume!  This wire woven elf ear cuff tutorial is by momoluv over on Instructables.

The basic elven frame without the inner wire curve and wire weaving is wearable as is. But the wire weaving makes the design much more attractive. Adding some gemstone chips or beads will add color to the design.

The instructor also wears hers with an additional dangle below the ear lobe.

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  1. I used to wear an ear cuff all the time. I liked the way you could dress up parts of your ear in a different way instead of the traditional posts.

    This is very cute. If you didn't like the elf point it would be so easy to round it.

    1. I've never worn one myself but I must say it is a great alternative to the usual dangles. It is an excellent choice for those with no ear holes! I have come across quite a number of people who don't have pierced ears.

  2. I always wanted to wear something different on my ears back when I wasn't crafty yet and, in addition to the earrings, wore simple ear cuffs that looked like a tube and you attached them to the outer "rim" of the ear, I would certainly wear one of these if I were younger but the least I can do is try to make some :)


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