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Unusual Organic Resin Jewelry by IsThisHandmade?

There are plenty of people who embed organic material into resin.  One artisan who stands out is Croatian based Zeljka who calls her shop, IsThisHandmade? Not only does she include unusual organic material in her work, she also makes distinctive frames for her designs using a soldering iron. Her collection shows off her design aesthetics and eye for natural beauty.

She uses many types of organic material - fungi, flowers, leaves, spices dead insects, vegetables and even Croatian salami!  She sources her materials from a number of places - her garden, in her suburb and even the local supermarket!  An avid collector indeed!

Real Fennel Leaf 

Real Primrose 

Real leaf with colorful paint dots

Tree seed pod

Dead moth

wooden color pencil 

Croatian salami

Real rose buds

Real hot chili pepper


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  1. How different and unique!!

    I like the fact that Zeljka considers bubbles part of her creation - and they look just great with them in there too!

    A lot of them made me smile and some of them made me think 'what a great idea!'. However - I think I'll pass on the salami although it would be a great talking point!! (I wonder if it would eventually turn....) :0)

    Thanks for bringing another interesting artist and techniques to our attention Pearl.

  2. Yes, I have come to embrace small bubbles as part of the design. The salami will have to be dried just as real flowers and organic materials have to be. Otherwise things do rot inside the resin

  3. These are very interesting pieces but I am quite drawn to the leaf with painted dots. Its beautifully simplistic

  4. It's really unusual and strange jewellery, I'd love to wear such

  5. These designs are incredibly beautiful! They have inspired me to try working with resin. Thank you!


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