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Wirewoven and Crochet Goldfish Necklace Tutorial

Alevtina Gersenko is an amazing Russian wire artist. Her tutorial shows how she creates t wire frame for this amazing goldfish necklace. Like many wire artists, the design is first sketched on paper.  This is an effective template for curving the wire frame.  The fins and tail are just a lovely collection of long wire loops which were later covered and connected together with wire weaving.

The artist used 4 different thicknesses of wire for this design.  She used a simple wire crochet technique to create flat form which fits inside the goldfish body.  This is lashed with wire weaving to the frame.

I love how she connected both goldfish together with a single pearl!

The tutorial needs to be translated - unless you can read Russian. Computer users : Use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English". Mobile device users : Download the Chrome app, add the URL. The app asks if you wish to translate.

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  1. I love how people take their passion or admiration for something - like the beauty of a goldfish - and turn it into jewelry.

    Alevtina has certainly created a piece that will have people looking at it closely to see just what it is and then step away and go - ahhh!!!

    1. The goldfish is particularly lovely as a design element because of the tail! I love how she filled the body of the goldfish with swirly wire work!


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