One very important thing about being a jewelry designer is to find out more about the materials you use.  This understanding is key for different reasons.  As a maker, choosing the right material for the design is important. Costs also factor in the decision.  This excellent precious metals guide from Corey Egan compares all the different kinds out there.

It teaches you all about the different alloys - why some mixtures can result in different colors and why some cost more than others.  Rose gold, for example, looks different from yellow gold because it has more copper than the latter. Figures.

Did you know you can get two types of white gold?  The difference is what is used to bleach the color of yellow gold and copper (which is used in the alloys).  Nickel white gold does present problems for people who are metal allergic as nickel is arguably the biggest culprit.  Palladium white gold is better as it is hypoallergenic.

Check out the guide!

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