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Fun Halloween Polymer Clay Earrings | Pumpkin Cane and Witch Tutorials

Polymer clay lends itself to all sorts of colorful designs. Just the perfect technique if you want to rustle up some fun Halloween jewelry.  Not everyone wants to dress up in full costumes. So some seasonal earrings or a pendant will do just fine!  These two tutorials are by Italian polymer clay instructor who calls herself Mo Clay.

Even if you aren't going to make any, it is a lot of fun watching someone make a themed polymer cane such as her pumpkin cane earrings.

Her witch earrings/pendant design is also articulated!  Polymer clay is very light so these earrings will not feel heavy at all.

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  1. I see lots of people wearing themed jewelry and think it's a wonderful idea!

    As you say..some of us don't dress up.

    But I've always noticed people wearing different earrings to match the season.

    1. Someone I know makes themed beaded earrings. She has gotten requests while she is out shopping so she sells her work this way!


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