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How to Make Circular Peyote Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Not keen on beadwork that screams statement?  Well, you have to check out Mortira VanPelt's circular peyote beaded necklace design tutorial over on Inspirational Beading.   There is a wonderful openness I like about her design.

Making beaded circles in different sizes means they can be connected together. And color variations also add to infinite design possibilities  Mortira has two beautiful design examples using this beading technique.

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  1. Pearl... thanks so much for showing the payote cards! What an AWESOME idea! I definitely will be checking those out!

    Thank you!

    1. Have fun! There are so many good products out there for us, isn't there?

  2. I too enjoy Mortira's designs. She seems to have held steady with seed beads throughout the entirety of the shaped beads craze. And holds my respect for that. <3


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