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Tropical Beach Inspired Polymer Clay Jewelry by Wired Orchid Jewelry

Florida based designer, Lorraine Vogel, of Wired Orchid Jewelry creates beautiful tropical beach inspired polymer clay jewelry.  Her wonderful image transfer work is based on her original alcohol ink artwork.  She has a great sense of color, patterns and design.

How did she get started?  Lorraine explained, "Years ago, I decided I needed to find something to do creatively that wasn't like my day job as a graphic artist. I needed time away from the computer. So, I took a local wire-wrapping class...and fell in love. Soon after, I was browsing in the book store for jewelry making instructional books and picked up a book on polymer clay. I fell in love again."

In a beautiful fusion of her artistic ability and her location led to her distinctly idyllic, sometimes batik like designs. The careful placement of holes and carved out areas in her polymer clay pieces all add to her distinctive collection. Makes one want to book one's next beach vacation already!

Lorraine's Florida studio

H/T to Aims for this find!

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  1. I'm just amazed that people haven't commented on Lorraine's incredible work!!

    I've been following 'Wired Orchid' on Flickr for a couple of years now and have always been in awe of her creations. Not only is her polymer clay work absolutely gorgeous but even her ways of stringing the piece inspire me.

    I've always looked at Lorraine's work with such awe and I couldn't imagine how she created such pieces until I came across her own little tutorial.

    For me there's a round of applause for Lorraine.

  2. Thank you, Pearl, for this wonderful blog post! I appreciate your lovely compliments write-up. Viva creativity!

  3. polymer clay is such a versatile medium.. Every time i think i have seen it all in polymer clay, i get a surprise.. This is an inspiring post.. Thank you

    1. Perhaps that will inspire you to try polymer clay!


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