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How to Transfer Images to Wood Using Freezer Paper

Image transfers are the way to go to get custom designs in jewelry. I've written about this method before. But I really like this fabulous tutorial by CabinetDoorGuys over on Instructables. What's more, you only need common supplies and get this, ink jet printers!  Many of us have ink jet printers so it is always disappointing when tutorials require color laser printers.

image transfer to wood tutorial using freezer paper

The project is for larger wood pieces but you could definitely use it for jewelry making.  Since most of us are not into wood working, make life simpler by just getting some pendant size wood pieces from craft stores which stock decorative painting supplies.

I got mine from which is based in Guelph, Ontario. They do sell online.  Thanks to my friend Roxann who told me about the store.  As you can imagine, my wallet took a hit!

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  1. Arghhh!! Why do these stores open - after - I leave Guelph?!!

    I went through their inventory and was delighted to see that they carry so much more than the wood pieces. It made my heart glad to see a store standing up to Michaels.

    I like to buy Canadian so I'll be bookmarking this store and this tutorial Pearl.

    Thank you!!

  2. One other thing I noted when looking through the tutorial were the comments.

    People were really complaining that the freezer paper got jammed in their printer and ruined it.

    Someone came up with a solution - glue the freezer paper to regular paper beforehand.

    Fortunately for all of us Instructables has the comment section where people are quite helpful when there's a problem!


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