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Very Easy Christmas Tree Beaded Ornament Tutorial

I absolutely love this very easy Christmas beaded ornament tutorial. It is by Katy over on Katy Clouds.  No beading knowledge required.  Just lots of crystals, head pins and seed beads from your jewelry making stash. Styrofoam balls are also very inexpensive.

Note dipping the headpins in glue is a good idea to make sure they stay put.

It's the sort of project you can do as a family.  Make loads for your tree or as gifts!  Change up the crystal colors to match any Christmas tree decor.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. The clear faceted beads threw me when I first looked at the pic but they certainly make the project!

    I can see why you like it Pearl. It's incredibly cute and I like the easy part when it comes to Christmas decorating!

    1. You don't have to use clear nor all the same size faceted beads either!


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