The fleur-de-lis, a stylized lily or iris, has been used in European heraldry for centuries.  It is particularly associated with the French monarchy.  The three petals supposedly represent the 3 medieval classes - "those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed."  It is a beautiful symbol, one which lends itself very well to jewelry designs.

Jocelyn D of Fantasia Elegance shared a lovely fleur-de-lis pendant design tutorial.  It is worth a look as she demonstrates very well how to make those pointed bits.  I love how she cleverly divided the symbol into two which are then wired together in the middle with twisted wire.

She does everything by eye and is so practiced, she makes it look easier than it really is.  So if you are attempting this and struggling, remember practice makes perfect.  Sketching a template on paper might also help - especially for earrings which have to be identical!

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